Lula Restaurant Distillery

Be Still My Heart


Aptly nicknamed the minion, Lula’s distillery equipment arrived a little more than a month ago via cargo ship from Germany.  Although we don’t think that nickname will stick [probably for the better], one thing we do know is that this still is one awesome piece of equipment and we are itching to begin distilling our vodka, rum and gin. 

The still’s positioning in the back of the restaurant does not in any way dwarf its size and impact from the front door.  Entering Lula’s doors, the two sequential ten plate copper columns extend past the 13 ft rafters greeting guests with a two-finger salute. In addition to the columns, two 3,000 liter fermenters, a 450-liter pot still [the minion] and a condenser that flows into three separate fractioning tanks, will be completely visible from the restaurant.

It was manufactured by CARL Artisan Distilling and Brewing Systems, a German based company that has been manufacturing stills since 1869.

We’re getting closer to opening our doors and we can’t wait!  Until then, click on the link below to see the beginning of our love affair with Lula’s still….

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  • The best food in New Orleans
    By Raymond Joseph Savoie Daigle on February 22, 2017 at 11:51 pm
  • Can wait to come and drink and dine!!
    By Garry Hiebert on November 25, 2016 at 2:54 pm